The Erotic Pleasures Of Visiting London

Aki And Chin could not wait for the plane to land at Heathrow Airport. They were all smiles and could not sleep a wink as they made their maiden trip to London. In college, they had heard fascinating stories about the city and had saved up to view the city first hand. They were interested to know how the famous city was different from their hometown in Asia and it was a welcome break from their strict schedules. Since they only had two weeks in the big city, they had plans to make the most out of it.

The duo was especially interested in the historic sites which London has to offer in plenty since it dates back to the Roman times. Their first stop was at the Tower of London, which dates back to 1066. Here they uncovered a lot about the Norman Conquest as well as centuries worth of history from notorious prisoners, politicians and the royal family. From here, they visited the Tower Bridge, one of the most iconic landmarks in London. Their tour did not end here as within twelve days they visited The Westminster Abbey, the Kensington Palace, the Windsor Castle, Benjamin Franklin House, Jewel Tower, Keats House, St Paul’s Cathedral, and The Monument among many others.

Visiting all those historical places was quite an experience for the two friends. They managed to visit all the places that were on their schedule and had one free day left. As they were thinking of how to spend their last night in London, Aki thought that they should go out and get a relaxing massage. Chin, however, had other things in mind as he suggested that they should try and see if they can have some fun with some classy and adventurous London escorts. Aki wanted to object at first, but after thinking about it, he decided to play along.

With their hopes up and a lot of excitement, they decided to browse through various escort agencies to see if they would find the perfect girls for the night. They were pleased to find an agency that had numerous options of girls allowing them to pick their favorite. They found out about the rates, and within an hour’s time, the girls were in their hotel lobby. The gentlemen were not prepared for what transpired that night, as both nearly missed their flights the following day because they had the night of their lives. They could not say it, but in their minds, they knew that they had to have more of the London escorts on their next trip to the city.

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