Is my scratched up boyfriend cheating?

I was watching my boyfriend taking a shower the other day, when I noticed that he had all of these scratches on is back. They looked like fingernail scratches to me, and it was not the first time I had not noticed them. I have never scratched a bloke, and I am pretty sure that I have never scratched my boyfriend. Does he have a girlfriend? In that case, she must think that he is really good in bed, and to be honest, I don’t think that he is that good in bed for a woman to scratch him.

Am I disappointed in our sex life? It could be said that I am a little bit disappointed in our sex life. When I come home from London escorts, I am often in the mood for some really good sex, but my boyfriend does not last that long. For some reason he cannot control it all, and comes within a couple of minutes of penetrating me. I have got lots of tips from my friends at cheap escorts in London, but the truth is that none of them seem to be working.

It has started to make me wonder what I am doing wrong. I used to be really good in bed, but for some reason, I don’t seem to be able to get it right with this guy. The guys I have dated outside of London escorts before, have all been really great, and we have been able to satisfy each other. However this guy is different. I am always having to fall back to my sex toys when I have sex with him. Like I say to my the babes at London escorts, it is beginning to frustrate me.

Why are some guys so good in bed, and others are not? It is not like you can blame their mums for them being bad in bed. Dating guys at London escorts, has taught me that you can blame their mums for plenty of other things, but not for being being bad in bed. The thing is my boyfriend is good at so many other things that I feel a bit let down by him when it comes to sex. I wish that he could be a bit more like the other guys I dated before I joined this new London escorts service.

The cheap escorts in London service I used to work for before I joined this one, was based in central London. Could it be that the guys in that part of London are a bit hotter and sexier? I really do miss some of the guys I used to hook up with. Lots of the guys here are a bit too posh for me. Perhaps I am being to fussy, and should learn to enjoy a different type of sex. However, just like many other London escorts, I am not really into wham, bang sex. I would rather enjoy a little bit more broadminded sex. That kind of sex which makes you want to scratch a bloke’s back if you know what I mean.

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