London escorts made me realize that there is so much more with life.

I feel so much pain after the death of my wife. I do not know how to live anymore after she was gone. She is the love of my life and does not know how to start all over again. She is the only woman made me happy and gave me life. She is always there for me, and I used to spend my life with her. All my life all I wanted is her. She completes me more than I could ever ask for. She was there when no one else was, and even a single thought of breaking us apart never happened.


I came from a broken family, and my only dream is to be able to get away in that situation in life. It wasn’t easy at all, many times I feel so sad because I have to deal with my problems alone. Perhaps, my dream of having a complete family is because I have been in such difficulty of life. I don’t want to experience it again in my own family. I want to give my children complete happiness, support from us.


When I was a kid, I wish my father will return to us. I miss him so much every day of my life. We used to play before; he taught me everything from basketball, swimming, football, etc. He is my hero, and always defend me when I did wrong to mom. He still bought me my favorite toy car and played with me. No matter how much tired he is, he will always find time at night to read me stories and make me sleep. Until one day, he never returned from home; I also noticed that he and mom are continually fighting every day. I waited for him, but he doesn’t come. According to mom, he found a new lover and lived with them. My mom stops caring for me; she is always pissed off in everything I do. She never appreciates my achievements in life. Eventually, she had to find another man and live with him. It was so sad that I was left alone at the house and sometimes given allowance. I am not allowed to visit my mom to avoid embarrassment.


It was a horrible life until I met Jasmine who loves me for who I am. We get married and have three beautiful children. But after six years of being together, we discover that she has cancer. It was a long journey of battling.


I can’t accept it and began to live miserably, of course, my children were affected by it. I booked a London escorts with the girls who offered sexy companionship and who is very positive and made me happy in life again. London escorts made me realize that there is so much more with life

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