My girlfriend is really sexy young lady – escorts for couples

I am not sure that I really understand what she does for a living. She says that she works for a London escorts for couple’s service, but I cannot really get my head around what that means. She has explained it so many times, but I am not sure that I am really getting. Like all of my other girlfriends, she is a bit of an enigma, and figuring out what she is all about is hard work.
Before she worked for an escorts for couple’s service in London like, she used to be a pole dancer. At first I did not believe her, but she soon started to take me around all of the clubs in London. It was clear that many of the guys who went to the clubs knew and wanted her to come back. I know that she is really sexy, so I could imagine that she had done something like with her time. But I was still a bit taken back when I realized how popular she was at all of the clubs.
What has really surprised me about my girlfriend, is that she used to work as an erotic model. She has shown me all of her photos and she look super-hot. My girlfriend says that she gets a lot of new dates from the images of her as an erotic model and I can certainly see that. I love them myself and I really do get turned on when I see them. I can understand why they are so popular with the escorts for couples as well.
My girlfriend says that her ultimate dream is to be a porn star and leave escorts for couples. She keeps on applying for roles here in the UK, but thinks that the porn movie industry in the UK is a bit tame. I am sure that the US porn movie industry would love to meet my girlfriend. She does look really sexy and she would look good with her clothes off. If she decided to go, I would just love to go with her. I think that would be a great experience both for me and her.
Is my girlfriend the sort of girl that you take home to mom? No I would not say that she is the sort of girl that you take home to your mom. So far, I have not even considered taken my girlfriend home to my mom. She is a bit too sexy for my mom I think and I am not sure that I would be able to explain that thing about escorts for couples. In general, I just don’t think that my mom would be able to handle my girlfriend. She would probably think that she is not a very nice girl, but that does not mean that she is not the perfect girl for me. I know that she is the perfect girl for me.

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