This is a story how Luton Escort enlighten me of my worth and value in life

This is how the story goes. No, I am not rushing with love anymore, I am done to it. I am tired of everything I went through, especially in love? When you give so much to yourself yet, you get nothing in return. I felt like its better for me to stay single than be in a relationship that’s not healthy for me. Love should be your source of happiness and strength, not a headache. But in my case, it turns out to be like that.

I’ve been in a long-term relationship before, and it was a disaster. I only love one person all my life; I gave up everything to her. She and I become best friends before we enter into a serious relationship. I thought that she and I would be together for a lifetime. We’ve been together for so many years that I decided to save money to buy a proposal ring. I thought that she would be happy to it, like any other girls dream of. I felt that she won’t decline my offer and embarrass me to everyone. I didn’t see it coming, all my life I thought that we have the same feeling, until all of a sudden she falls out of love to me.

Clarice and I met in school, I am a transferee, and she is an old pupil. In my first day of school, I already experience being bullied, most of my classmate’s poke fun at me. Until Clarice defend me to them, I was surprised at how brave she is to fight for me. She screams and yells to all bullies, and since that day, no one mocks me. I am very grateful for the kindness she showed. And so the next day I brought something special for her, chocolate and a piece of rose. It was the start of our friendship, we are always together through thick and thin, helping each other in times of troubles and celebrating success.

Later on, I find myself falling in love with her; I can’t deny that as time pass by she blooms into a beautiful lady. I am happy with what we have, but it could be happier if she is mine officially. We both confessed our feelings, and have a relationship. Years passed by, I am very sure to marry her, so I set a dinner date to propose. I invite everyone close to us, but she embarrasses me ignoring my proposal and broke up with me.

I didn’t hear anything from her since that; I am very depressed and lonely. Until I met Luton Escorts from, who enlighten me to know my worth and value. Every time I am with Luton Escorts; I forget about the pain until I fully recovered. Luton Escorts made me the happiest man

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