A simple date with my London Escort    

Every one of us dreams to find someone who will love us eternally. Some people say that couples who have been together for a long time are because of luck. Well, I believe that luck doesn’t happen, it’s being work and prays. A relationship to work needs two people to hold on each other, not one or three. It only takes two people to have a relationship. I have known many couples who have ended their relationship to the wedding; it’s because they had succeeded that journey and now ready to face a more challenging path. I am happy that I already meet the love of my life, she is a London escort from https://londonxcity.com/escorts/, and we have been together for four years now. I will never forget the day we meet. I am Mark, only son of one of the successful businessman in Australia. My parent built the business in 1975, both of them puts a lot of efforts and hard work to make it a success.


Our family blessed with everything, and in return, we donated to charities and do feeding program every weekend. My father taught me not to play with the girls, because of a woman will help you succeed in your career, you have only to pick the right one. And in fact, I haven’t got any girlfriend since I am a focus to study and sometimes help our business. I went to London to study business there and to prepare myself too for taking over our business. I stayed for six months there and rent a house. I aim to graduate the course and be back home. I also have relatives there and sometimes visits when I am free. It was my niece the eighteenth birthday, and they invited me. I booked London escorts since it is normal to people there.


The first time I saw her, I know she is the one for me. I know that she is the right one I’m waiting. We both go to the party, and the event ends well. She is friendly, and it’s easy for me to get to know her. In my stay in London, I have never been more motivated now. She inspires me every day and eventually become together. Our relationship is healthy; we always spare time and attention to each other. She is the kind of woman that is demanding. I have many works to finish in school, and Valentine’s Day is also in a hurry. I have no time to prepare, but I’ll make sure we can celebrate. I called her at the last minute of the day and went to her house. I brought her favorite foods and a human-size bear. We spent Valentine’s Day at the dawn of 15. It was a simple valentine’s date with my London Escort but worth remembering.

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