Knowing when it’s the right time to leave a relationship

A lot of people struggle when they have come to a point in their relationship that they no longer feel any love or lust for each other. It is a very difficult time as most relationships had been ongoing for many years so both partners are quite anxious about separating. A lot of couples get comfortable with each other even though they are frustrated with each other and not making each other happy they don’t know any other way and I afraid to leave their uncomfortable comfort zone.


Typically when couples get into the situation they tend to seek attention outside of their relationship with new people the majority of the time they call London escorts. London escorts are a good way to have some companionship but also be able to be open and honest about the current situation. A lot of my clients at London escorts speak to me about their relationship problems and we spend some time sifting through them to see what can be done to resolve them.  Some of the time there quite easily resolved example I had one client who was struggling with his wife they weren’t having any meaningful sex or even talking much to each other and he couldn’t understand why. He said that he buys her every think she wants and yet she still not happy. At working for London escorts I come across this quite often and majority of the time it’s because the partners within the relationship don’t understand the others love language. Each of us have a particular love language. One that we give and one that we prefer to receive. In this clients case he wasn’t understanding his wife’s love language the one she would prefer to receive. The client from London escort believed that buying his wife everything she wanted was a way to show her how much she loved her however what she really wanted was quality time and experience with her husband. I explain this to my client at London escorts at and within weeks he contacted me and told me that things had drastically changed and that I had saved their marriage.


Unfortunately not all situations are the same and so easily resolved. Many of my clients from London escorts have tried all of the love languages with their partner but yet nothing seems to satisfy them. One of my regulars from London escorts tried for over a year and a half to get his wife to love him again I felt so sorry for him as he literally tried everything but this was one of the situations where no amount of understanding change or compromise would have saved their relationship. I believe that their relationship was unable to be reconciled due to the fact that they had known each other for so long they were high school sweethearts. And the unfortunate thing about being with someone from such a young age is that as you grow up you can grow apart and unfortunately this was the situation for this particular client from London escorts.

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